Dance Party CATHG

Thank you Elbo Room, Chicago Roots Collective, all the bands and all the fans who helped make the Chicago Roots Collective Festival a great time last night.

That’s gonna be a hard show to beat, but we’re sure gonna try. Specifically, we’ll be trying at the Hideout on Nov 27 for The Big Tranny Hootenanny. It’s a benefit for our good friend, Owen, who is in need of surgery, but is also in need of the funds to go through with said surgery.

The Homoticons, Cobalt & the Hired Guns, Andrew Brown, and Kareem Khubchandani will heroically play sets starting at 9pm. Afterward, Ang Peoples DJ Collective provide music for the DANCE PARTY!! Yes. You read that right. Dance party. This is going to be awesome. And all to help a friend in need.

So, come, listen, dance and have fun, you won’t even realize you’re doing your good deed for the day.