Interview in The Deli Chicago

delilogoBefore our big tour-kick-off show at Schubas on August 12, we had the opportunity to sit down with Erin from The Deli Chicago for a quick interview.  You can read it all here, but here are some choice excerpts:

Double Single was the perfect way to kick off a Chicago summer.  You Left Your Sweater is a boot stomping anthem about the transitory nature of summer love and Of Chicago is a Jason Mraz meets Dashboard Confessional anthem.  The addition Alexander’s sweet vocals on Of Chicago is delightful and fills the track with the sort of tension that tugs at your heart strings.

TD: Things are starting to blow up, that’s exciting! So, would you guys say you have an over arching musical, performance, band philosophy you are working with?

TF: Love and fun. We love each other, we love what we’re doing, we love the people that come to the shows.  We love playing the venues.

MH: I mean, you’ll see, like when we play, it’s all about having a great time and not pretending that we’re not.  We’re doing exactly what we want to be doing. So we try to share that.

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