Major News from Cobalt HQ – goodbyes, hellos, and the new record

Hi everyone!  A lot of BIG news:

1)  Saying goodbye to Matt…

It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of our founding members, Matt Hart, as he moves out to Seattle on April 30th.  He’s got a hunger for salt water and topography, and will be broadcasting his experiences diving into a completely new music scene on a new music blog called  Please go check out the articles he’s already got up there, drop him a comment, and subscribe to keep up with him and his future musical adventures in the Pacific Northwest!  He will also be retiring his @CobaltMatt twitter handle, so now you can follow him at @MidByNorthwest.

So Tuesday’s big show at Subterranean with Big D & the Kids Table will be Matt’s last big club show with the band for a while – until the enormous Album Release Show in the fall (more on that later) for which he’ll fly back.  Also, in case you were worried, the newer songs Matt sings, like “Uptown” and “Wreckage,” WILL be on the new record!  Matt will definitely be missed, but we also have a lot of excitement about the next musical chapter in the Cobalt story, and we’ve got some cool ideas brewing for what that’s going to look and sound like.

2)  Announcing a new member to the Cobalt family!

As is often the case, as one door closes others open, and we are super-stoked to announce a new member to the band and Cobalt family – Amanda Raber on saxophone. She’s been playing with us at pretty much every show since last fall and we are smitten with her talent, energy, dedication, and general awesomeness.  Now we’re making it official!  We asked her to prom, er, to be in the band, and she said yes.  We’ll be working her in on sax, kazoo, jumping around, and any other instrument she’s willing to try – plus she designed the sweet posters around Chicago for the Big D show!  This is going to be awesome…

3)  We’ve been making a new album!

If you follow us on Twitter you’ve probably been getting our weird, tired messages about amp-forts and and Lady Gaga.  That’s cuz we’ve all been hard at work making the new Cobalt record!  We’re adding layer upon glorious layer to six new tracks and we’re learning a lot by taking our time with it.  Look for a HUGE release show in the fall. There is also something really special we want to do for a certain Cobalt Super-Fan across the Atlantic Ocean for this show, so keep a lookout for more info from us on that…

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support, and see you soon!


-Cobalt & the Hired Guns-