roclogoFrom the print edition, September 1, 2009:

Cobalt & the Hired Guns
Jump the Fence
“You Left Your Sweater” w/ “Of Summer”
(Updawg Records)

If I told you this band combines Country & Western with pop punk you would probably think “Insurgent Emo” and throw up in your mouth. But trust me, somehow this is incredibly charming, poppy, youthful music that feels like traditional roots music, but without any weight of history or dreary anything attached. Hee haw, indeed!


  1. My husband is home for 10 days too so I know the feeilng.When I was unsure about a job, I made a very difficult prayer list (because I didn’t want the job actually). I prayed that in the interview the boss would offer to put me through school without me even bringing it up. I prayed that they would offer me a certain sum. And I prayed they would offer it to me on a specific day.Except for the fact that they offered me $2000 less (and I turned it down, which led them to call me the next day with the figure I wanted), every prayer came true so I KNEW it was what I was supposed to do. It ended up being the best decision, not just for that moment but even had positive consequences years later.But I told God that if he didn’t answer my prayers I wasn’t going to take it, so if he wanted me to have it I needed him to make it clear.Good luck deciding (and having faith). 😉

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