Schubas w/ The Old Ceremony was FANTASTICO

schubasWe had a fantastic time playing with Nathan Xander (from Chicago) and The Old Ceremony (from Chapel Hill, NC) last Monday at Schubas! The show featured a new Sax-o-licious horn section of Amanda and Jeff, as well as our dear friend Jeff Brown pretty-ing it up on the accordion.Thanks so much to everyone who came out on a Monday night to fill up that great room and rock out with us.

This was our 4th time playing at Schubas since May and it sure does feel like home. So much so that we keep on (Matt keeps on) having very silly moments in the green room. I’m sure you remember the Cake Incident of May 2009, and last night we had some more silliness while hanging out pre-show with the whole gang. Video soon to come…

Also, here are some great pics from Pamela Yasuko Photography: